NC Agencies Represent at Open Minds Strategy Innovation Institute

Representatives from two leading North Carolina behavioral health agencies spoke at the Open Minds Strategy Innovation Institute in New Orleans June 8 and 9.

Peggy Terhune, Ph.D., President & CEO, Monarch presented with Open Minds senior associate Sharon Hicks and Paul R. Beatrice who is the President and CEO of, a comprehensive community behavioral health and human services provider in central Kentucky, about the challenges and opportunities working with a nonprofit board.


EXECUTIVE WEB BRIEFING ONDEMAND: Crowdsourcing Innovation in Mental Health

Electronic health record (EHR) utilization continues to expand, along with the notion that the use of these technologies will improve quality, effectiveness, and outcomes of services delivered. However, reports from clinicians may not validate these claims. Additional innovation and discussion is still needed to improve the use and effectiveness of EHR technologies in order to support these claims.