Echo’s EHR / RCO Partner Program, A Perfect Fit for La Paz Community Health Care

La Paz Community Health Care, the latest Echo EHR / RCO Partner ProgramCONWAY, NH – La Paz Community Health Care, Inc., located in San Antonio, Texas, is leveraging The Echo Group’s EHR / RCO Partner Program to manage its electronic claims filing and reporting services and to adopt Echo’s exclusive Visual Health Record.

“We chose The Echo Group for its comprehensive services and user-friendly format,” La Paz Chief Executive Officer Diran Adedeji said. “Our Chief Operating Officer, Lola Fadare, led an extensive search prior to selecting The Echo Group.”

For La Paz, the EHR / RCO Partner Program eliminated the huge upfront costs and out of pocket maintenance fees that often make switching EHRs cost prohibitive. Plus, Echo’s implementation and Revenue Cycle Optimization services had La Paz up and billing in 90 days.

“When an organization like La Paz becomes part of our EHR / RCO Partner Program there’s a shared commitment between us,” Echo CEO Matt Caggiano said. “We don’t get paid for our software and services until we’re able to get our partners paid for theirs. This way, time and money are removed from an agency’s EHR selection equation. By focusing on making our partners clinically effective and financially strong, the folks at La Paz can focus providing the best possible care to their clients.”

Serving the San Antonio community for 19 years, La Paz is a Community Mental Health Center which provides Outpatient counseling services to individuals with psychiatric, behavioral, and emotional issues. La Paz aims to be a global agency of compassion; delivering world class counseling and mental health services.

La Paz Program Director, Dr. Patrick Clancey, said the treatment staff are eager to provide patients with the highest quality of record-keeping, and look forward to the full implementation of Echo’s Clinician’s Desktop featuring the Visual Health Record.

“In these challenging times, staff have placed a great deal of trust in The Echo Group to deliver a product that is on the cutting edge of service delivery,” Dr. Clancey said.

The Visual Health Record is the first and only Electronic Health Record of its kind.

The Visual Health Record provides a patient view and “no-click” access to information that is unmatched. On a single screen a visual story unfolds. Clinicians gain deeper insights that results in better quality of care.

Your ability to adapt the Visual Health Record to your organization’s processes and workflow is exceptional.

Echo offers the most intuitive and flexible EHR, billing software, managed care, IT, and Revenue Cycle Optimization services available for behavioral healthcare.

ABOUT THE ECHO GROUP – The Echo Group develops enterprise software applications designed specifically for and used by hundreds of behavioral health organizations nationwide.

Echo offers a suite of applications for electronic health records, government reporting and compliance, clinical and financial decision support, and medical/government billing functions, as well as software for managed care organizations which can be deployed as self-hosted or Software as a Service (SaaS).

Echo also offers Revenue Cycle Optimization services, Information Technology support, and Fiscal and Clinical Process Workflow Analysis.

Privately held since 1980, The Echo Group is headquartered in Conway, New Hampshire with additional offices in Ohio and California.

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