Echo’s new RCM/EHR Purchase Program eliminates barriers to switching EHRs

Feeling ‘stuck’ with your EHR?

CONCORD, NH — Echo’s new RCM/EHR Purchase Program eliminates your largest barriers to switching EHRs — time and money.

How? We start with Revenue Cycle Management.

With Echo’s RCM team handling your billing services, we start fast. In most cases we’re billing within 60 – 90 days.

Our RCM/EHR Purchase Program makes the switch affordable. We’ve done away with the huge upfront costs often required to purchase an EHR.


Strategy, Flexibility and your EHR

Strategic planning, something that every organization needs to provide the focus required to achieve its goals.But it’s one thing to create a strategic plan it’s quite another to execute it.Flexibility is fundamental to your organization’s success, regardless of your strategy.Specifically, working with technology that is flexible is the foundation on which your strategy is built. 


Why Visual Matters …

vhr-on-cpu_large_youtubeCONWAY, NH — The Echo Group has produced software products for the behavioral health market since 1980 and since that time, many new electronic health records have entered the scene.

Lately we’ve been making a pretty bold statement … that Echo has the best EHR for Behavioral Health.

Why is simple … it’s visual. I’ll elaborate more on this idea of a visual EHR in a minute. But first, let’s set the stage for why it matters.